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The Shutter Box

Camera Obscura ~ Ghostly Photos

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The Shutterbox

This community is dedicated to a table top role playing game based on the popular horror video game Fatal Frame put out by Techmo. The characters and events that happen in this game are not real. The Shutterbox logs the events and stories that happen to the characters in the game for outsiders to read, as well as catch the players up on events that have happened before.

This community's membership is currently closed.

Obscura Photographers: (Character Journal | Player Journal)

- a_kimiko | tarin_romonova
- a_miyuko | celes_fire
- t_komeko | jenna_starwort
- i_daichi | neko_no_mizu
- t_rena | dieinahole

Current Game is...

~*~Fatal Frame I~*~

All original plot and characters belong to Techmo, save for OC characters. For more information on the Fatal Frame series, check out the site, Beyond the Camera's Lens. The artwork of Hinasaki Miku and Hinasaki Mafuyu belongs to Techmo, but the OC characters pictured at the top belong to their respective players. Artwork of OCs done by celes_fire.